Most frequent questions and answers

Careninja can only be used by adults and we are unable to process tests for anyone under the age of 18. 

Please note that an account can not be created for someone under the age of 18. It is a breach of our terms and conditions to attempt to circumvent this restriction, and we have internal procedures in place for handling such instances. If you are looking to run tests on a child you should always consult your GP. 

If you have any doubt about your eligibility to use Careninja, please get in touch at [email protected]

Careninja is Currently Available in Kuala Lumpur, Petaling Jaya, Shah Alam, Klang & Puchong. Should you be outside of these areas, drop us a message and we will do our best to accommodate your request

Simply choose which test you want to. If you are not sure what to choose, leave us a message via messenger or via email, and we’ll get in touch ASAP to set an appointment for sample collection.

Once our partnered lab completed analyzing the test,  our doctor will review and interpret the results base on your history. The report usually will be available to download within 24-72hour depending on the test. It is important to complete the questionnaire we provided to get the best advice from the doctor.

We are partnered with accredited and top quality laboratories in Malaysia(Gribbles and Pathlab) and the very same labs that GP doctors, hospitals are using. Click here for more info.

We have a qualified doctors by KKM who certified in EIMM (Excercise Is Medicine) in our team. They will interpret the result based on lifestyle questionnaire that we provided.

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Whether you’re interested in learning more about your long-term health or how to improve your energy levels, our range of tests can help.