We use the same accredited labs and methods to test your blood as the Private Clinics in Malaysia. So you can be confident that your results will be accurate.

How accurate are my results?

Your results will be as accurate as you would receive from your doctor. We only use accredited registered labs. These labs run validation tests on all finger-prick blood samples, before making them available.

What’s the difference between Careninja and a blood test from my GP?

We use the same methods to test your blood as your doctor. Blood tests at your GP or hospital are usually venous (from a vein, usually from your arm). The only difference is how we collect your blood — a simple finger-prick. Studies have shown both methods produce the same results. A sample from your GP could end up being tested on the same machine, right next to your Careninja sample!

Why do you need so little blood?

Hospitals and GPs usually collect extra blood in case they need to run extra tests. Plus they are using bigger sample tube that requires more blood sample to match the amount of the additives which preserve and stabilise your sample (clotting and anticoagulation, serum separator). We only need a small amount of blood because we are using a smaller sample tube and just test the things in your subscription. Our labs need about 100µL to run your tests and our tubes collect over 400µL. Each drop of blood can vary slightly — research recommends collecting 40µL to overcome this, we collect ten times this amount.

Will my results be inaccurate if I collect my sample incorrectly?

In short, no. Follow the instructions in your kit and you won’t have a problem. It’s rare, but some people squeeze their finger very hard when collecting the sample which causes red blood cells to rupture (haemolyse). If this happens to you, we won’t be able to test your sample but we’ll send you a free replacement kit or you can contact us to arrange certified phlebotomist (e.g nurse or medical assistant).

Will my results be inaccurate if the sample is delayed to send to lab?

Our collection tubes contain additives which preserve and stabilise your sample as it makes its way to our lab. Sometimes postal delays happen and if your sample has been delayed too long the lab will let us know. We’ll then send you a free replacement kit. Some biomarkers change in the time between being collected and tested, we don’t offer any of these tests. You can keep your sample in your fridge while waiting for sample pick-up.

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