How to use Careninja finger prick test set

Watch How To Collect Your Blood Sample Using Our Kit

Preparation prior to the test recommendation:

1. Stay Hydrated – Drink about 6-8 glasses the day before your test & 2 glasses 30 minutes before your test

2. Fast for 8 hours – Refraining from eating or drinking any liquids other than water for eight hours – important for Fasting Blood Glucose test only.
3. Do it in A proper space and time – Take your sample in the morning between Monday and Friday and ensure you post it on the same day. Make sure you have enough space on the table to place your kit.

Prepare the ice pack provided if you are going to deliver the sample yourselves to our partnered lab. To prepare the ice pack first soak them in the water for 3 minutes, then put in the freezer for 6 hours. The ice-pack is to be used in specimen storage to maintain your specimen quality. Or send us a message here to schedule a pick-up.

Watch the video on how to collect your blood samples using our Carekit below:


Step 1 – Prepare your kit

  • Lay your kit out on a low table — you need to stand and have your hand below your elbow when collecting your sample. You’ll also need a tissue.
  • Gently twist the caps off the lancets and tubes. Place the tubes in the holes inside the box. Keep the lancets and alcohol wipe close by.
  • Select the depth you want by turning the depth adjuster (Preset at medium depth). We suggest maximum depth for better blood flow.
  • Hand Preparation – Get your blood flowing. Wash and soak your hand in warm water about 2-3 minutes to increase circulation. Gently swing your arms afterwards.
  • Swing your arm and clench your fists — a little exercise gets your blood moving.

Step 2 – Collect Sample

  • Clean your finger with the alcohol wipe — we recommend using your ring finger. We recommend collecting capillary blood from the side of the fingertip, as this puncture site registers the least amount of pain. Any finger can be used.
  • Place your hand on a hard surface and prick your fingertip in full depth. Wipe away the first drop of blood with a clean tissue
  • Stand and massage your hand and finger gently downward motion — don’t squeeze too hard or get too close to the prick.
  • Wait 3-4 seconds between each massage.
  • Once your blood is flowing, tap the drops of blood against the top of the tube to help guide it in.

Make sure the sample is sufficient.
Here’s how much you need to fill each tube:
– yellow tube – fill to top line marked 600-500
– purple/grey tube – fill to bottom line marked 250
If you have both a yellow and purple tube, fill the yellow tube first.

Step 3 – Label and Register

  • All tubes must be correctly labelled with your name and IC number. Otherwise, the lab won’t process your samples. You’ll receive the same number of labels as you have tubes.

  • Insert the sample inside the clamshell and close them tight.
    insert the blood sample into clamshell

Step 4 – Prepare to post

  • Put all samples and form in the zip bag and zip to close.
  • Please let us know early the estimated time you want us to collect the blood sample so that we can schedule someone to collect. Another option is you can request a same-day delivery service (e.g Grab Delivery Express, Lalamove) to the nearest partnered lab. Click here to see our partnered lab.
  • Store the sample in the fridge or ice-box while waiting for the pick-up